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Flite ETS-7000 Analogue and Digital Lab
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The ETS-7000 Analogue and Digital Lab combines a multitude of features in one compact unit, giving savings in time, space and money. Housed in a compact and robust casing, the ETS-7000 is ideal for use in education, providing all the features a student will need when constructed and testing both analogue and digital electronics circuits.


DC Power Supply +5V at 1A
-5V at 300mA
0V to +15V and 0V to -15V variable at upto 500mA each
Full short protection is provided as is a mains switch with power on indicator
Function Generator Five frequency ranges:
1Hz to 10Hz
10Hz to 100Hz
100Hz to 1KHz
1KHz to 10KHz
10KHz to 100KHz
Sine wave output: 0 to 8V peak to peak variable
Triangle wave output: 0 to 6V peak to peak variable
Square wave output: 0 to 8V peak to peak variable
(TTL mode output is 5V peak to peak)
Logic Switches Eight HI/LO toggle switches
Pulse Switches Two debounced push-button pulse switches each providing HI and LO complimentary pulse outputs
Logic Indicators Eight LED logic indicators light for HI input, remain unlit for no or LO input
Seven-Segment Displays Two seven-segment LED displays
Speaker 2 1/2 inch diameter, 8 ohm/0.25W speaker
Solderless Breadboard 2712 interconnected tie points, accepting all DIP devices, components with leads and solid wires of AWG #22-30 (0.3mm to 0.8mm)
Accessories Power lead, UC-03 connector plate, and user manual
Power Supply 110/120V AC or 220/240V AC (please specify when ordering) 50/60Hz
Physical Characteristics Dimensions: 360mm (width), 480mm (depth), 200mm (height)
Weight: 4.2kg
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Flite ETS-7000A Analogue and Digital Lab
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