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Applications Board for the FLT-68K
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The applications board has been designed to aid the teaching of microprocessor interfacing from simple switch and lamp input/output through to more complex closed-loop and open-loop control systems.

The new board layout enables students to easily understand each experiment section as it is worked upon. The wide array of features incorporated into the board include digital switches, traffic light coloured LED displays, temperature, light, and optical position/speed sensors, a heater, a DC motor, an LED bargraph, and a potentiometer. A screw terminal is also provided for external anologue input.

The applications board may also be used with other Flite Electronics training systems such as the MPF-1B and FLT-86 microprocessor trainers and the FLT-32 microcontroller trainer, for which specific exercise manuals are available.

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Applications Board for the FLT-68K
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