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135-001 Signature Analyser
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A high speed signature analyser, to accommodate the faster
processors being required in ever increasing numbers by industrial

This product will accept clock rates of up to 20MHz, and set up
times of 15 nS, and has been designed to a high degree of user
friendliness via prompts.

The product also conforms to HP operation and displays
standard HP signatures.


  • 20 MHz max clockrate.

  • 15 nS data set up time.

  • 5 nS hold time.

  • Built in diagnostics and self test.

  • Resident free run 8085 facility.

  • LCD display.

  • Soft key - high user friendliness.

  • Low circuit loading - approx 0.05 TTL.

  • Conforms to HP convensions.

  • Mains powered - battery option.

  • Complete with supply and test leads.

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135-001 Signature Analyser
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