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Flite Digital Electronics Self Teach Package
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The Digital Electronics Self Teach Package provides a completely self-contained learning kit for use with our DT-01 Digital Trainer.



  1. Connecting up integrated circuits and using the logic probe
  2. AND, OR and NOT gates
  3. NAND, NOR and XOR gates
  4. Boolean algebra
  5. Equivalent NAND/NOR circuits
  6. Circuit design using Boolean algebra and truth tables
  7. Karnaugh maps
  8. The half-adder and full-adder
  9. Encoders and decoders (1)
  10. Encoders and decoders (2)
  11. Encoders and decoders (3)
  12. Set/reset flip-flop
  13. D-type flip-flop
  14. JK flip-flop
  15. Parallel data register
  16. Serial data register
  17. Serial/parallel data transfer
  18. Asynchronous counters
  19. Synchronous counters
  20. Multivibrators

Package Contents

  • Experiment manual
  • Reference manual
  • Cutter/stripper tool
  • IC extractor tool
  • 4 reels of connecting wire
  • Pack of 19 integrated circuits
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Flite Digital Electronics Self Teach Package
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