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This is where you will find Flite Electronic's exclusive Electronics Training Systems at competitive prices, so order today!

CIC-500 DSP Development and Experiment System

CIC-500 Complete

ED-3000 Microwave Trainer


Gunn Oscillation
Type X-Band (8.5GHz to 10.5GHz)
Fundamental and Application Experiments
The characteristics of microwaves and the advantages of using microwaves in communications are well known to us. Communications systems at microw...

Flite BT-2001 Bluetooth Telecoms Trainer

The Flite BT-2001 Telecom Traineris a a user friendly system for Bluetooth hardware training, Bluetooth protocol training and demo function of voice and data Communication. The systemallows students to learn and practise Bluetooth protocol easily....

Flite BT-3000 Bluetooth Wireless Embedded Trainer

The FliteBT-3000 Wireless Embedded Training System focuses on education of wireless control embedded technology. It's distinguished technology compared to wired embedded system is wireless control using Bluetooth protocol.Also this system has spec...

Flite Digital Electronics Self Teach Package

The Digital Electronics Self Teach Package provides a completely self-contained learning kit for use with our DT-01 Digital Trainer.
£59.00  £79.00

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