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This is where you will find Flite Electronic's exclusive Electronics Training Systems at competitive prices, so order today!

Flite Physics of Fibre Optics Trainer (FL 139-619)

FL 139-619
The physics of fibre optics trainer is designed to teach the basic physics of fibre optics including fibre-end preparation. Students can also study the construction of a transmitter & receiver to form analog & digital links. There are 22 l...

Flite Telephone Trainer (FL-121-012)

FL 121-012
The Telephone Trainer is a complete working model of a telephone. It gives hands on experience on basic telephony concepts, with many different experiments. The trainer comes complete with an exhaustive experiment manual, accessories, test points,...

Flite Transmission Line Trainer (FL 151-621)

FL 151-621
The Flite Transmission Line Trainer has been designed specifically to study the various parameters in Transmission Line Theory. Practical experience on this board carries great educational value for Science and Engineering Students, with all the l...

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