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This is where you will find Flite Electronic's exclusive Electronics Training Systems at competitive prices, so order today!

Flite KL-900B Analogue Communications System

This KL-900B Analogue Communications System is a comprehensive and self-contained system based on a 144MHz VHF tranceiver and is suitable for anyone engaged in analogue communications experiments.
The purpose of the system is to enable students...

Flite KL-900C AM/FM Transmitter and Receiver System

The KL-900C AM/FM Transmitter and Receiver System is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for demonstrating AM and FM transmission.The system contains four separate modules - the AM Transmitter and AM Receiver modules (illustrated ab...

Flite KL-900D Fiber-Optic Training System

In 1870, before the sceptical British Royal Society, Irish researcher John Tyndall successfully demonstrated how light could be guided in a stream of falling water. It was the first recorded observation of light being guided by "total internal ref...

Flite LT-1000 Digital Experimenter Package

The LT-1000 Digital Experimenter System is a series of ten pre-wired experiment circuits contained in sturdy plastic modules designed to fit our ETS-5000 Advanced Digital Lab and ETS-7000 Analogue and Digital Lab in place of the standard breadboar...
£540.00  £595.00

Flite OLS-2000 Digital Electronics Overlay Learning System

Electronics could be taught straight from a book if students were able to visualise the function of an experimental circuit. Unfortunately this is rarely the case and until now it has been necessary to laboriously assemble every experiment to be e...
£165.00  £195.00

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