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This is where you will find Flite Electronic's exclusive Electronics Training Systems at competitive prices, so order today!

Flite KL-300 Digital Logic Trainer

The KL-300 Digital Logic Lab is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for anyone engaged in digital logic experiments. All necessary equipments for digital logic experiments such as power supply, signal generator, switches and display...

Flite KL-500 Power Electronics Trainer


To train technicians to be able to install and maintain electronic equipment becomes important nowadays. A good technician should always follow state-of-the-art technology and rapid innovation of new products. Our system has been designed to sat...

Flite KL-600 Microcomputer Sensing and Control Trainer


Comprehensive sensor/transducer and control training system.
Incorporates industrial grade components.
Uses industry standard 0~10V, 4~20mA devices.
Features RS-232 for connection to personal computer.
Built-in 8031 microcontroller and m...

Flite KL-620 Sensor and Transducer Interfacing Trainer

The KL-620 Sensor and Transducer Interfacing Trainer is a comprehensive control training system that incorporates industrial-grade components with various control circuits. Its modular and closed-loop control circuits allow implementation of open-...

Flite KL-800 Auto Electronics Trainer

This modular system provides electronics and autotronics training using educational modules for study and experimentation.All theoretical, experimental, and practical learning procedures are assisted and supervised by dedicated software designed t...

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