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This is where you will find Flite Electronic's exclusive Microprocessor Training Systems at competitive prices, so order today!

Flite FLT-68K 68000 Training System

All you need to start learning and developing 68000 applications is the Flite FLT-68K and a personal computer with a serial port. The line assembler, monitor and debugging facilities built into the FLT-68K's firmware may then be used to enter, run...

Flite FLT-86 8086 Training System

Available for immediate despatch!
System Overview
The 8086 is probably the most commonly used 16-bit microprocessor of all time, with the upwardly compatible families of microprocessors developed from it now at the heart of the virtually all per...
395.00  425.00

Flite PCI Trainer

The new PCI Trainer from Flite Electronics comprises a PCI bus expansion card, an experiment unit, three additional plug-on experiment modules, and a 68-way link cable.
The PCI bus expansion card sits inside the PC system unit and connects to the...
795.00  995.00

Flite PIC-1 Trainer

A Training System for Microcontrollers
IntroductionWelcome to the PIC‐1 Trainer, a training system by FLITE ELECTRONICS. This package has been designed to provide an easy way to master PICmicrocontrollers. Being both simple to set up and use, the PIC‐1 Trainer allows the us...

HEX Download Program ROM

25.00  35.00

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